The Best Project Management Tools for Your Nonprofit

The market size of nonprofits has grown substantially over the past few years. Estimates show that, in 2020, the market size was...

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The market size of nonprofits has grown substantially over the past few years. Estimates show that, in 2020, the market size was more than $253 billion and could reach as high as more than $325 billion by 2025

To support such a high-growth ecosystem, the management of projects needs to be accurate, timely, and cost-efficient. Nonprofits, unlike big corporations, often work with a small core team in charge of a high volume of work. Often, the core team is spread across large geographic distances. Such a unique composition of stakeholders gives rise to the need for automated project management tools. Such tools help core teams with the streamlining of operations, with the least volume of workforce possible. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top four project management tools for nonprofits to leverage and make the most out of their resources. 


Asana nonprofit project management solutions currently support more than a million teams in 190 countries. Some of the topmost nonprofits that leverage Asana include Meals on Wheels, Wikimedia Foundation, Team Rubicon, United Way, Teach for America, etc. Asana helps them work better in one shared place where, irrespective of the user’s geographic location, it is possible to collaborate on plans, conversations, files, and more. It helps manage a project and its programs in terms of tasks, milestones, priorities, and deadlines. 

With Asana’s more than 50 ready-to-use templates, it’s highly convenient to set up workflows for planning a digital fundraising campaign to onboarding new volunteers. Asana helps automate manual processes involving volunteer onboarding and offboarding, request triaging, etc. Asana also runs a nonprofit-focused program helping the organizations do more mission-critical work and save 50% on Asana costs if they qualify. 


Trello project management solutions help collaborate, manage projects, and accomplish new productivity milestones with its boards, lists, cards, and other unique features. With a Trello board, you can create a universal area for your team to keep a continuous tab on work that it needs to do, work that it has been doing, and work that it has completed. Trello’s intuitive and interactive features also help teams set up and customize workflows, set meetings and projects, goals, and events. It helps create project planning timelines and assists with time management. One of the most enticing features of Trello is that it helps with no-code automation of regular actions like moving lists, creation of custom buttons, deadline management, and assignment schedules. 


Started in 2005, the Basecamp project management and team communication tool has since reached 3.5 million account sign-ups to date. Basecamp helps teams communicate better with fewer meetings. By breaking up any project into separate sub-projects it helps teams complete large projects one step at a time. It includes the people involved, discussions, documents, files, tasks, dates, etc. 

Some of the most vital tools or features of Basecamp include its message boards, to-dos, schedules, docs and files, group chat, and automatic check-ins. In its message board, one can post announcements, pitch ideas, and make progress updates. The to-do list helps with prioritizing the upcoming work, assigning items, setting due dates, etc.


The Keela smart nonprofit software is an excellent package to manage donors, mobilize volunteers, market a nonprofit, and raise money. According to the latest numbers published by the brand, Keela, to date, has helped nonprofit organizations around the world raise more than $1.5 billion. Apart from fundraising, Keela features help nonprofits with CRM-donor management, reporting, analytics, email marketing, forms, projects, integrations, etc. Developed by experts with first-hand nonprofit experience, Keela helps manage everyone, from donors to members to volunteers. 

The Keela communication tools are sophisticated and easy-to-use, helping people connect with donors and build strong relationships. Keela’s dashboard and analytics services help gain a better understanding of donors and campaigns with smart and customizable data features. It helps monitor and optimize campaigns, manage donation records, and build custom reports to share with board members. The integration features of Keela help you integrate your favorite tools, such as Mailchimp, Outlook, Eventbrite, or PayPal so that you do not need to switch between multiple platforms while doing your job.




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