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Four Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit’s E-mail List

These days, donors want to engage more with the organizations they are donating to. They want the reassurance that their hard-earned money...

Written by Gaurav Roy · 2 min read >

These days, donors want to engage more with the organizations they are donating to. They want the reassurance that their hard-earned money will be put to good use and see the direct impact of their donation. Therefore, keeping donors engaged and updated about your work and impact is one of the foremost duties of a nonprofit. An engaged subscribers list helps in keeping communication alive and increases the transparency and credibility of your nonprofit. 

The more you manage to increase your email subscribers’ list, the greater your opportunity is to convert subscribers into donors. The ability to directly contact a follower, sending compelling campaign details straight to their inbox, increases the reach of your campaign and the chances that they’ll donate. 

With all the benefits that come with a growing email list, the process of growing your email subscriber base is easier said than done. Here, we present you with four effective strategies that will help you grow your email database. 

Make Sure the Signup Process Should be Engaging

The onboarding of a new subscriber begins with a signup form. Therefore, it is crucial to explain in an engaging way what value the subscription has to offer. For instance, if your nonprofit works in nature conservation, promising occasional updates with never-before-seen wildlife footage or stories would be a compelling value proposition. 

The tone of your signup copy should be friendly and not instructive. It should clearly explain the benefits a subscriber would get in exchange for providing their email address. The call to action should be precise and unambiguous. For example: “Subscribe to our email list to get an advanced notification about our newest adoptable pets!”

It’s preferable to not ask for any other information apart from an email address unless required. Any extra steps in the signup process lessen the chances that a user will complete the signup. It’s also crucial to it clear that you will not be sharing their email address with any other entity. This solidifies trust with your followers. 

Use Your Blog as a Subscription Magnet

A blog has many benefits. With a blog, you can improve your site’s SEO and Google ranking while delivering fresh, engaging, and exclusive content to your subscribers. If you manage to deliver content that is useful and offers actionable insights, it will motivate people who are enthusiastic about the area you work in to engage and interact with your nonprofit. 

Put a subscription module on your blog index page that asks readers to sign up for your email list. It should clearly state that once a reader provides his/her email, your organization will send a notification each time it publishes a new blog post. 

Incentivize Joining Your Email List

Another strategy for incentivizing users to sign up for your email list is by gating valuable blog posts, resources, or web pages behind a subscription module so that users must enter their email address to access them. A lot of content management systems give the functionality to make certain materials on your site viewable only to people who have specific access to them, like an email subscriber list.

These types of gated resources could be eBooks, articles, downloads, videos, or access to a special resource center. If your nonprofit is one that occasionally asks users to sign petitions related to your cause, make sure you add in a field for an email address and have users check a box if they’re interested in receiving email updates from you. 

Use a Subscription Pop-up On Your Website

There is a general perception that pop-ups annoy users. But, when linked with a specific purpose, a pop-up can be quite effective in getting results. You can time email subscription pop-ups to appear at a specific time in a user’s journey on your website. Even with a smaller conversion rate, you’ll still manage to get a substantial number of subscribers if you have steady website traffic. 


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