The Best SEO Practices for Nonprofits

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), anyway? Let’s get right to it: basically, SEO is the process of making...

Apr 12 · 5 min read >

How to Boost Recurring Donations for Your Nonprofit

According to the Giving USA report published on June 16, 2020, individuals, bequests, foundations, and corporations contributed nearly $450...

Apr 9 · 2 min read >

Writing the Perfect Year End Fundraising Letter

For a nonprofit, the end of the year signals the start of the final end-of-year fundraising push. Many nonprofits...

Apr 4 · 2 min read >

How to Write an Effective Annual Report

What’s a nonprofit without its annual report? In the nonprofit world, the annual report is a staple. It’s a...

Apr 2 · 2 min read >

10 Smart Ideas to Grow your Nonprofit’s Instagram

Social media today has over 4.1B users globally and yet it is estimated that this number will keep increasing...

Apr 1 · 5 min read >

Why Blogging is So Important for Your Nonprofit

Thinking about the word “blogging” can be a source of stress for nonprofits.  With so much on your plate...

Mar 27 · 3 min read >

8 Nonprofit Digital Marketing Trends to Try in 2021

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, you need to plan in advance when it comes to creating a...

Mar 25 · 3 min read >
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